Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All the astrologers and consultants on this website have been verified through their credentials and supporting documents provided by them.
The site is more like a market place for people to interact with the consultants and talk to the appropriate ones based on your best judgment.The site does not endorse or favor any one particular consultant over another.
All the remedies and rituals suggested by an astrologer/ consultant are his own and this website offers no guarantee for the efficacy of the same to resolve the problems or issues faced by the customer.
The customer has to make his or her own inquiries regarding proceeding with the remedial measures and the website does not guarantee any results as it is a matter of personal opinion and faith.
The website shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the customer after taking any opinion from the experts. Our (website) liability shall be limited to the consultation amount charged to you.
If you are not satisfied with the consultations offered through the website, you can claim a refund from the respective astrologer through this website. The request has to be placed through email to the admin of this website, citing the reasons for the same. (ceo@expertpanel.in)
All telephonic consultations made through this website shall be recorded on this website for future reference. It is against the policy of this website to share too personal details or confidential information to any consultant. (Mobile Number, bank account number, Location details etc). The website is not responsible for any such lapses.
All legal complaints shall be posted under Ernakulam jurisdiction only.